Scott Merrell

Days & Times

Tuesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Burnett Park


ALJ Members

$50 for 4 sessions, $70 for 6 sessions, or $15 per single class


$60 for 4 classes, $80 for 6 classes, or $20 per single class

Class sold out.


Class Description

Intro to Drawing & Painting Classes for Young Adults and Adults

Ages 15 and up. This class is mostly young adults and older adults. If you are interested in a class for youths to young adults or youths, in the Mandarin area, I encourage you to visit our Saturday classes at Burnett Park. There is also a class for Cartooning and Illustration class in Murray Hill on Saturdays.

*FLEXI-SCHEDULE – Year-Round Class Dates – Miss a Class & Make it Up!

In this class we will explore drawing and painting from imagination to still life in various media. You will have a chance to explore pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolors, acrylics and pastels and understand appropriate techniques to use with each. One-on-one instruction will follow a brief discussion so you will have a chance to develop your style and explore your personal interest.

*This class is an ongoing class and has no specific start date or end date but is on a flex schedule to help you with your tight scheduling needs, so drop in and see what we can work with you on.

Please contact for questions about the class.

Please check the art league calendar on this site for details on specific dates and times. Note: classes may be held in other locations on special nights or be canceled in the event of illness. The Art League makes every attempt to notify registered students, if you have not pre-registered but wish to attend classes please check our calendar or for more accurate information call or email us.


Please bring a basic drawing pad, an eraser, *pencil(s) and a pencil sharpener. Materials for painting can be discussed when you arrive since paint supplies can be costly.

*There are a variety of pencils to chose from. If you are unsure then a good choice would be the “General’s #555” or a basic set of drawing pencils that have different degrees of graphite (2h, H, B, 2B, etc.). If you get a set then look for the ones that include a sharpener and eraser if possible. More materials will be discussed in class.