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Coming Fall of 2020


Burnett Park


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$80 for 5 classes


$90 for 5 classes

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Class Description

Illustration Class focusing on St. Augustine's Fort San Marcos for Teens and Adults

5 consecutive Tuesday night illustration workshop class starting April 28th

Do you have a desire to make creative and captivating illustrations? When you see an awesome drawing online of science fiction, nature or fantasy do you suddenly want to get busy making your own? Curious about careers in illustration and what they are? Well great news! There's a class for that and it's here at Burnet Park on Tuesday nights from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Introduction to illustration will explore various media including: pen and ink, colored pencils and water based media. The classes are set up as workshops that last consecutively for 5 weeks. Each workshop will focus on one subject matter and explore how to recreate it exploring form, perspective and other skills. During the 5 weeks we will concentrate on one subject by learning about it and understanding it's form and function. We will pay attention to creativity and craftsmanship by brainstorming how the subject can be composed and learning how to  capture it as if it were stopped in time and telling part of a story in its own environment. This class isn't for complete beginners though and you should have some basic experience drawing, shading and be able to use a ruler. Since we frequently cover complex subjects like perspective and foreshortening we welcome teens and adults to bring their creative spirit and desire to learn new techniques.  This is not a fine art class or cartooning class but more focused specifically on illustration. Subjects may include elements of: history, science fiction, life science, nature, fantasy and much more!


Please bring a basic drawing pad, an eraser, *pencil(s) and a pencil sharpener. Materials for painting can be discussed when you arrive since paint supplies can be costly.

*There are a variety of pencils to chose from. If you are unsure then a good choice would be the “General’s #555” or a basic set of drawing pencils that have different degrees of graphite (2h, H, B, 2B, etc.). If you get a set then look for the ones that include a sharpener and eraser if possible. More materials will be discussed in class.