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Patricia Johnson

Days & Times

Mondays, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm


Murray Hill


ALJ Members

$50 for 4 sessions or $70 for 6 sessions


$60 for 4 sessions or $80 for 6 sessions

Class sold out.


Class Description

I find that when I have been away from painting for a while, or when a painting becomes “stuck,” it is helpful to review what I know about acrylics. In this class, we will do this together!

I will start with introducing the wonderful possibilities of transparencies. Acrylics present one with the ability to not only see one color through another, but also to gain both permanence and quality light fastness. After exploring various techniques and effects using transparencies, we will dive into opaques. Composition and subject matter will be discussed throughout the six weeks, and informal critiques will take place as well.

I will introduce as many of the wonders of acrylics as I can, and hopefully you will share some of your secrets as well.


  • 10 Basic Hues
    1. Cadmium Yellow medium
    2. Chrome Oxide Green
    3. Cobalt Blue
    4. Cadmium Red medium
    5. Crimson Red (Alizarin)
    6. Burnt Umber
    7. Yellow Ochre
    8. Mars Black
    9. Burnt Sienna
    10. Titanium White
  • Supports (Whatever you have available)
    1. Canvas
    2. Art Board
    3. Acrylic Pad (Size of your choice, usually approximately 260 lb paper)
  • Brushes
    1. Detail
    2. #12 round
    3. Flat
  • Mediums or Extenders in gloss and/or matt
  • Acrylic Gesso